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What is a Stress Test?

An emotional stress test is a series of questions...

when answered honestly, assist in measuring the amount of psychological stress you are experiencing compared to other people who have taken the same test. Additionally, a quiz such as the one here on offers comparison data based on its own internal stress scale (in addition to the comparative measure of other users). This online stress test was co-designed by a medical doctor with extensive medical experience.

To continue, carefully read the instructions on the right, click Begin Test, answer all of the questions, and within a few minutes you will have access to your private test results. If you are an existing user, click the Login button.

Upon completion you will be prompted to create a free account that entitles you to private test results, past score comparisons, and the ability to easily retake tests.

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Test Instructions

  • 1. Hopefully you have chosen a time and place where you will not be disturbed, it's important not to rush through this test. It should only take about 15 minutes
  • 2. The following questions are broken down into 10 categories and relate to your current living circumstances. You should answer them with the last 6 months in mind. If an item does not seem to apply to you, just do your best to associate to it
  • 3. You will be asked to rate your feelings on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 always meaning; no, false or never and 5 meaning; yes, true or always, and of course 2 being almost never, 3 being sometimes, and 4 being most of the time
  • 4. Most of the time you will have an intuitive impression about where to rate an item and this is usually the most accurate answer for you, please remember there is no correct answer and you cannot pass or fail
  • 5. Beside every category there is a brief but important introduction to help you better understand the questions, please read each of these introductions as you progress through

Test Statistics

  • completed tests
    Completed Tests
    There have been 7228 tests taken (try the test and get instant results)
  • average test score
    Average Test Score
    The average test score is 143 (the optimum score is 150 or less)
  • average test time
    Average Test Time
    The average time it takes to complete the test is 12 minutes
  • most stressful
    Most Stressful
    According to our data, stress is more prevalent among Males in the age group Younger than 18, and the top three categories with the highest stress levels, among all test takers, are; Financial Situation, Intrapersonal and Work Related

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